My forgotten rolls of colour film

Last night I tried c41 processing at home.  I found it to be much faff and less enjoyable than black and white processing, but this morning, after processing more rolls, I think I have the process down.

I have the BelliniFoto Monopart C41 Kit from nik & trick. It features a developer, a bleach, fixer and a stabiliser to wash with. The main differences from a black and white process are the temperatures, which are much higher at 38c, and with this kit there are no water washes.

My main reason for getting a c41 kit was to finally process old colour films and to try the process. I stopped mostly shooting colour film towards the end of 2014 and started experimenting with black and white films, so there are a few colour films hanging about waiting for development.

The following is a complete 120 roll of ektar that I exposed with a holga pinhole camera on a trip to kent, 2015.


The following are the best bits from 2 rolls of agfa vista (re-branded fuji stuff) spanning 2014-15, featuring two camping trips. I think they were shot with a contax 139q, and a Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.7.

It looks like a tumblr blog, is that still a thing?

zebra billy can
zebra billy can 2
standing about
lounging about
axe 2
tools 2

Currently burning more agfa vista 200 in my oly mju ii. I want to see what a freshly exposed pushed film will be like.

My forgotten rolls of colour film

Stuff I saw – One nighter camping

Before I even owned a professional digital camera, I would take an slr -a canon ae1 and later a contax 139q camping. I was quite successful within the tumblr crowd with this kinda esthetic However, for many reasons too long to list, I became disheartened with this type of locational photography that appealed to the tumblr kids and went in the opposite direction; I took up black and white/monochrome work.

Last weekend I decided I would try to revisit this type of photography with my xpro1. Despite being a one nighter, it was a minor success with a handful of snapshots and plenty of new in-jokes/stories such as Töm getting lost in the woods for an hour in the night.

Photos were taken with the xpro1 and standard 35mm 1.4.

Luke and new stove
Pop tarts and axe
Uncle Töm
Golden hour
Golden hour 2
Hammock city in the jungle


Stuff I saw – One nighter camping