Stuff I saw at Upper Padley pt2

Holga images taken on hp5.

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Surprise view
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Millstone & mother cap
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Solitary moorland tree
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Padley gorge
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Solitary moorland tree 2
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Padley gorge 2
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Bridge at padley gorge
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Padley gorge 3
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Flipped lens experiment
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Solitary moorland tree 3
Stuff I saw at Upper Padley pt2

Holga documentary project update

Last week I got a new holga with the idea of shooting two when out shooting for my town documentary. No two holgas are alike so having two creates variation in the series. I can also start to think about which holga suites which scene. As this is a new camera I expect the shutter is faster than my 2nd hand holga, and better suited for bright scene as it struggled in the shadows.

I’m not sure if its because the holga is new, but I had problems with dust or paper (not sure what it is) in the camera causing weird flecks on the edges here and there. Another problem is that there appears to be a light leak somewhere which you can see in the salvation army image where a line goes across the size.

Here is a few images from a shoot with the new holga and red filter.

Old council builing
Graffiti 2
Leaning lamp post
Old fire station tower
The salvation army
The Ship and its rubbish

I’m not sure how many of these updates I’ll do. I expect to be running a roll a week, or if not two weeks, between coursework.

Holga documentary project update

Holga around town

I wanted to do something different for materials and processes blah blah research for my FMP, so the holga camera out.

To make it more fun I taped a red filter over the lens:

The film is also processed differently from I what I usually do. I wanted to preserve highlights and have some sort of sharpness. To do this I agitated 15 secs every 3 minutes rather than 10 secs every minute. The film was pushed to 1600 (compensating for the red filter). Full technical: Developed in hc110 Dilution E at 20c for 14 minutes, agitated for 1 min at start then for 15 secs per 3 mins.


Here is the whole roll, from snapshot to blunder, of a walk around town looking for subject matter:

Stop signWeathered signWastelandBeer signageGraffitiMr straws houseDog in a windowFly tippingPriory ChurchGraffiti 2Market crossGatehouse

The holga is a lot of fun.

Holga around town

Stuff I saw at surprise view / padley gorge

Today we hiked a circle of surprise view, owler tor, higger tor, carl wark to padley gorge and back. Despite nearing Christmas time, and the water logged paths, it was like a spring day.

I took the below with my tiny rangefinder, Olympus 35RC + yellow filter with hp5 rated at 1600, trying to train myself to meter at 1600 without a meter. The Oly 35Rc is just as sharp as the MjuII, but with complete control and no batteries if you don’t use the meter. I am also in the process of editing some 6 x 17 pinhole images from the walk.

Sun rise over mother cap tor
Tom and Finn + reel jam crease
Two blondes and Finn
View from Higger
Side of Higger Tor
Carl Wark
Luke having coffee in padley gorge
Finn – not knowing his lead is undone
Stuff I saw at surprise view / padley gorge

Mju ii Snapshots from November-December

I have not posted in awhile, college is taking my time away with coursework, the nights now start at four, and the beginnings of a sad pandemic consumerist rush for a hollowed out religious holiday are now in full swing.

Stuff I have been up to

Lincoln christmas market, searching and using the available light. The oly MJUii does really well in dark conditions.


Chasing the diffused fog weather, looking for the atmospheric stuff that gets the “moody” comments.


Finally, still working on the street photography


All images taken on ilford hp5 + 2 stops and developed in hc110 1:63 for 14 minutes, scanned with a v600.


Mju ii Snapshots from November-December

Stuff I saw – Kinder scout / MJU II (2)

As I wrote in the previous post, I had another visit to kinder scout. We started up Grindsbrook knoll, wandered about on kinder scout taking photos, and came down jacob’s ladder.

Ascending grindsbrook knoll, we wanted to get the views and the hard part over and done with. Unfortunately, as we walked up, the clouds came in and we started walking in rain clouds. We couldn’t see very far in front of us, so I just took shots of Finn when we took a breather. Towards the afternoon the weather cleared enough for pinhole shots.

Here are a few HP5 snapshots, pushed one stop, and taken with my MJU II.

Starting up Grindsbrook knoll
Finn vs Grindsbrook knoll
Tongue out
Tom vs the weather
Crowden clough
“Nice view”
Finn conquers kinder scout
Tom & Finn posing for GQ magazine
Jacob’s ladder
Sheep of Upper booth
Stuff I saw – Kinder scout / MJU II (2)

Stuff I saw – Kinderscout / MJU II

I recently found a mju II going for the right price on ebay (not much over £50, rather than silly three figure numbers). I wanted to take it hiking with it being tiny, disappointingly it suffers with light leaks out the wazoo. I will do another post on the camera if I can get it to work properly.

Edale village is tiny with two pubs and one post office, however it’s full of ramblers with the village being at the foot of Kinderscout plateau. It is also the start of the Pennine Way.

We went via Grindsbrook, a rocky ravine with fords, in the search for waterfalls so I could setup some pinhole images with the reality so subtle 6 x 17 -one can be seen here

Grindsbrook, though not an easy walk or for that matter climb at the end, was nice. We got to eat dinner by a waterfall. We didn’t stay long at the top of the plateau but it offered some nice views for which I’ll be back for.

All the photos were shot with a Mju II / hp5 at 1600 (hacked dx code). Processed in HC110 dilution H.

Edale station
Starting out towards grindsbrook
One of many waterfalls in grindsbrook
Small waterfalls for days
Final bit of grindsbrook
At the top




Walking down grindslow knoll and into sheepfold


Weathered trees of sheepfold / edale
Sheep of edale
Stuff I saw – Kinderscout / MJU II