Stuff I saw at the Lake

Leica m2 – voigtlander 2.5/35mm + yellow filter. Tri-x 400 @ 1600, developed in hc110 + rodinal mix.

langold lake rjcalow-1
Fishing platform
langold lake rjcalow-3
fishing platform 2
langold lake rjcalow-5
No swimming
langold lake rjcalow-6
langold lake rjcalow-4
langold lake rjcalow-2
langold lake rjcalow-7
Notice board
langold lake rjcalow-9
langold lake rjcalow-8
Stuff I saw at the Lake

Stuff I saw at Upper Padley pt2

Holga images taken on hp5.

blog (1 of 10)
Surprise view
blog (2 of 10)
Millstone & mother cap
blog (3 of 10)
Solitary moorland tree
blog (4 of 10)
Padley gorge
blog (5 of 10)
Solitary moorland tree 2
blog (6 of 10)
Padley gorge 2
blog (7 of 10)
Bridge at padley gorge
blog (10 of 10)
Padley gorge 3
blog (8 of 10)
Flipped lens experiment
blog (9 of 10)
Solitary moorland tree 3
Stuff I saw at Upper Padley pt2

Stuff I saw at Upper Padley

On Wednesday we went to upper padley, in the peak district. Rather than taking my usual hiking setup of a tripod and a pinhole camera, I took my gas stove instead for hot drinks. As a lightweight alternative I took my holga, my m2, and film.

I know the place well enough now, so at times I found myself shooting for shallow depth of field and getting close, something that I don’t normally do. I don’t normally shoot wider than f8 unless the subject calls for it, such as a portrait in a busy environment.

I’m not that happy with the images, but it was a nice walk with the leica.

Collapsed wall
Bark texture
Always a sucker for graffiti
Trees of surprise view
Mother cap
 Hays vs Mother cap 
Textures of mother cap
Bridge at padley
Hays and Majestic doggo
Tree at owler tor

I have yet to develop the film from the holga, if it comes out okay in development, I’ll share in a second part.

Stuff I saw at Upper Padley

Photography show

I went to the photography show today with the art college. It was a little overwhelming, with lots to see, and yet nothing much of interest for me as I wasn’t interested in a new camera or lens.

I did however, get some film I’ve never shot before for cheap, with two rolls of pan-f and a roll of sfx200 for £11. That was from speed graphic.

I saw lok and warren from the old digital rev, and Lara Jade.

Also got to look at the new lomography instax camera, automat glass. I’m not a big fan of the company (the fact that they don’t produce film and just hoard and recycle it isn’t sustainable for the industry), but the availablity of a glass instax is a tempting one. Pitty it’s not wide format or have manual control.

Connor trying it out:

“Lets try this thing”
“Wait, theres no film inside”

Also spotted film at the Fuji stand except the boxes were emtpy, and they didn’t sell any. Go figure.

Photography show

Holga documentary project update

Last week I got a new holga with the idea of shooting two when out shooting for my town documentary. No two holgas are alike so having two creates variation in the series. I can also start to think about which holga suites which scene. As this is a new camera I expect the shutter is faster than my 2nd hand holga, and better suited for bright scene as it struggled in the shadows.

I’m not sure if its because the holga is new, but I had problems with dust or paper (not sure what it is) in the camera causing weird flecks on the edges here and there. Another problem is that there appears to be a light leak somewhere which you can see in the salvation army image where a line goes across the size.

Here is a few images from a shoot with the new holga and red filter.

Old council builing
Graffiti 2
Leaning lamp post
Old fire station tower
The salvation army
The Ship and its rubbish

I’m not sure how many of these updates I’ll do. I expect to be running a roll a week, or if not two weeks, between coursework.

Holga documentary project update

Holga around town

I wanted to do something different for materials and processes blah blah research for my FMP, so the holga camera out.

To make it more fun I taped a red filter over the lens:

The film is also processed differently from I what I usually do. I wanted to preserve highlights and have some sort of sharpness. To do this I agitated 15 secs every 3 minutes rather than 10 secs every minute. The film was pushed to 1600 (compensating for the red filter). Full technical: Developed in hc110 Dilution E at 20c for 14 minutes, agitated for 1 min at start then for 15 secs per 3 mins.


Here is the whole roll, from snapshot to blunder, of a walk around town looking for subject matter:

Stop signWeathered signWastelandBeer signageGraffitiMr straws houseDog in a windowFly tippingPriory ChurchGraffiti 2Market crossGatehouse

The holga is a lot of fun.

Holga around town