Stuff I saw – Kinder scout / MJU II (2)

As I wrote in the previous post, I had another visit to kinder scout. We started up Grindsbrook knoll, wandered about on kinder scout taking photos, and came down jacob’s ladder.

Ascending grindsbrook knoll, we wanted to get the views and the hard part over and done with. Unfortunately, as we walked up, the clouds came in and we started walking in rain clouds. We couldn’t see very far in front of us, so I just took shots of Finn when we took a breather. Towards the afternoon the weather cleared enough for pinhole shots.

Here are a few HP5 snapshots, pushed one stop, and taken with my MJU II.

Starting up Grindsbrook knoll
Finn vs Grindsbrook knoll
Tongue out
Tom vs the weather
Crowden clough
“Nice view”
Finn conquers kinder scout
Tom & Finn posing for GQ magazine
Jacob’s ladder
Sheep of Upper booth
Stuff I saw – Kinder scout / MJU II (2)

Pinholes from Kinder scout

Yesterday, a few of us and a dog hiked a circle up and round kinder scout. The reality so subtle 6×17 weighed heavy in my backpack alongside a tripod and my packed lunch, but it was worth it for the images.

These 4 images make up an entire roll of medium format, Fuji acros 100. Because of the small number of images made per roll, setup time, exposure and developing, it’s taking a long time to make a series for my portfolio.

small copy-0001 Stone in mist

small copy-0004
Waterfall near crowden clough
small copy-0006
View from the clough
small copy-0007
Stream at Jacobs ladder

I also took my mju ii, and will make another post with those images when I get round to developing them.

Pinholes from Kinder scout