Fly agaric – industar 69

Whilst camping last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot this emblem of autumn.

Rather than use the optically perfect fuji xf 35mm F1.4, I used the more interesting industar 69 pancake lens on my xpro1.

fly agaric-2
industar 69 soft – sorta macro
fly agaric-3
industar 69 f2.8

Fly agaric – industar 69

Stuff I saw at Ladybower reservoir & win hill

The reservoir from the dam
The dam
The reservoir from the side
The reservoir from the lake shore
Waters edge
Found; piled wood
Found; Bottle
Found; Flatcap
Sculpture at Heatherdene
Sculpture at Heatherdene 2
Raining whilst walking to win hill
River Derwent
Found; Tonic water
Climbing Win hill 1
Climbing Win hill 2
Climbing win hill 3
Parkin clough
The sheep that followed
The top
The very top
The actual top
View from the top looking towards mam tor
Heather at the top
Plantation on the way down
Trees blocking the path
One last picture from the dam

Shot with a xpro1 and a industar69 with a modified fujifilm black and white red profile.

Stuff I saw at Ladybower reservoir & win hill

Industar 69 adapted to mirrorless

First of all, this lens is atrocious.


There are many Russian LTM lenses. Some have an almost cult like following such as the jupiter 3, the more affordable jupiter 8, and the sharp, often rumoured radioactive, industar 61LD. I can vouch for the latter two as being decent for any zorki, fed, voigtlander and even leica rangefinder. The Industar 69 does not come close to any of these lenses.

The lens is actually for a Russian half frame camera, which has enough coverage for my fuji mirrorless, and is a weird zorki m39 mount, similar to the l39 mount used on leica screw cameras but with no rangefinder coupling and a different flange distance. Since it is slightly different from a typical screw lens, the lens requires modification for focusing to infinite when paring with a l39 lens adaptor, this can be done in minutes. There are other, more time consuming ways to achieve this, such as filing down adaptors, but this seems a little overkill for a cheap lens.

The pancake form factor and the 28mm, which results in a wide normal lens around 43-44mm on a aps sensor, makes for a convenient little lens. At the widest aperture nothing is sharp, though it favours the centre with dramatic falloff and blurred edges. It can be sharp around f5.6 but better at f11.

Yes, the lens is awful, but at the same time its becoming my favourite lens on my xpro1. For me, digital photography is too perfect at times. In the film realm I have my leica for straight photography and then I have my holga for pictorial-artistic sort of images, polar opposites. This lens, which didn’t cost much from Bulgaria, creates interesting artistic images with distortions that are not present in the perfect native fuji glass. It fulfils a role away from straight photography.

Bonsai tree
Forest 1
Forest 2
Forest 3
Forest 4 – narrow aperture – much sharper image
Soft wide aperture – Path
Soft wide aperture landscape shot
Young bull
Industar 69 adapted to mirrorless

Stuff I saw at the National Media Museum

Went with art college to the national media museum, Bradford. There was a nice cafe, lot of TV memorabilia, arcade machines, but best of all plenty of cameras.

The café
Zippy and George
Kodak signage and film dispenser
Leica iii
Canon p
Oly om10

All taken on xpro1, 35mmm, mostly wide open. Edited on phone on the way home.

Stuff I saw at the National Media Museum

Clumber park waterfall

Today I experimented with an nd filter. Got my shoes wet in the lake as I stood in the shallows, but ultimately, the whole shoot was a failure. It was far too windy for nd filters. I dislike movement of trees, unless that’s the subject, it’s distracting when it’s in the background.

Also the waterfall had been attacked by green algae, so what looks like green slop is idly ruining every shot. I dont think it will make the flickr/instagram feed, but it was a good way to spend time.

Clumber park waterfall

Stuff I saw – One nighter camping

Before I even owned a professional digital camera, I would take an slr -a canon ae1 and later a contax 139q camping. I was quite successful within the tumblr crowd with this kinda esthetic However, for many reasons too long to list, I became disheartened with this type of locational photography that appealed to the tumblr kids and went in the opposite direction; I took up black and white/monochrome work.

Last weekend I decided I would try to revisit this type of photography with my xpro1. Despite being a one nighter, it was a minor success with a handful of snapshots and plenty of new in-jokes/stories such as Töm getting lost in the woods for an hour in the night.

Photos were taken with the xpro1 and standard 35mm 1.4.

Luke and new stove
Pop tarts and axe
Uncle Töm
Golden hour
Golden hour 2
Hammock city in the jungle


Stuff I saw – One nighter camping

Stuff I saw – Upper Padley

Bank holidays are a boring public holiday in the United Kingdom, traditionally spent in traffic, while it’s raining.

@Conzey5000 wanted to do something, and I wanted to shoot. After debating on taking the train to the coast or Matlock. We decided on hope valley, catching the Manchester train from Sheffield for ten minutes and getting off at Grindleford station.

Padley gorge is a short walk from the station. We spent a long time shooting the water. Parts of the surrounding forest are really old and deep green. I setup several pinhole shots with my modified holga that I could use for coursework, while using my xpro1 for the shots below.

We ventured out of the gorge to look at surprise view, but the weather turned bad. We should have turned back when we saw people running down as we were walking up. It pissed it down so bad, Connor decided to eat his dinner under a rock/tor, so I joined him.

When we got off the hill it stopped raining, the sun came out, and people were eating ice cream in the car park.


Stuff I saw – Upper Padley