Stuff I saw in Nottingham

I have been holding off posting this, as some of the images I am using for neopantastic. As its post week, I don’t think it matters now.

The following was taken with my leica m2, voigtländer 35mm f/2.5 + yellow filter, with bergger pancro 400

Guide dog in training
Old market square
Kevin Costner / Robin something
Dead office plants
ye olde trip to jerusalem pub – I also took a version on my mju ii for neopantastic

The following was shot with fuji acros 100 and a oly mju ii.

Nottingham Castle
Nottingham Castle grounds
Nottingham Castle grounds
Carrington St
Swann’s Yard
Council building

Pushing Vista 200 with BelliniFoto Monopart C41 Kit

I haven’t posted in almost a month. Up until recently, my spare time had been cut short. The irony of a photography degree is that most of the time you are researching and writing rather than taking pictures. I have been putting the final touches to my FMP, in which I used a Holga for a documentary project.

Between coursework and college I have been shooting acros 100 for #NEOPANtastic, which I’ll post on share week, and some poundland colour film for kicks. I am definitely a black and white photographer, however I have the c41 kit and the film is a pound a roll. To make it interesting I decided to push the film a stop, shooting it at 400.

The oly mju ii, like most compact film cameras, automatically sets the ISO via contacts inside the camera which read the chunky black and silver encoding on the side of the film canister known as the dx code. These electrical contacts can fooled by modifying a canisters dx code by scratching the black paint to reveal the metallic surface and by covering the metallic surface with black tape. Its better explained here, on the amazing site.

Ghetto hacked afga 200

The c41 kit I use is the BelliniFoto Monopart C41 Kit. It seems to develop expired agfa vista 200 (poundland film) with some success and its easy enough to use. I couldn’t find any guide lines about pushing film with the developer kit, but I read others had added 30′ seconds to 1 minute per each stop for other kits. I went with 1 minute extra to be on the safe side, changing the standard c41 development time of 3:15 to 4:15, and developed normally from then on.

The images look surprisingly fine with no crazy colour shifts, which contradicts images I have seen on lomography. The greens are muted, the yellows are fleeting but saturated, and the magenta is dominant. Pretty much the same as at box speed but with an increased amount of grain.

The pictures are not great, they were took for fun and mostly of family, and like I said I’m more of a black and white photographer. I am sharing these purely to show the outcome. The images were scanned with vuescan, with no edits.

Zoo – overcast. Very dull greens.
Hays – overcast. Very bright yellows and pink-green shadows.
Chilly – Indoors / flash. Red tones from the sofa, the cat and the brickwork in the background
Lincolns Glory hole – Sunny. Showing the red tones
Flower bed – sunny. A vibrant colour palette showing the warm colour tendency.
Chilly again, not looking at the camera – sunny/shade. A more balanced fuji-esk tone

It’s difficult to judge the results as I have not developed a fresh roll of the film at box speed with the BelliniFoto kit. However, the results are better than my expired examples and film lab developed examples from my flickr archive. All of this, plus an extra stop to help in varying lighting conditions. If anything, this just shows what modern film, a decent chemical kit and scanner can do. I would like to see what it looks like at el 800.

If you are interested in similar posts about abusing agfa vista 200 then you might like this post, which is on my main website, whereby I developed the film in Ilford Ilfosol 3. Another example of abusing cheap film is by Mr Irving, stand developing Kodacolor in rodinal.

Normal programming will commence from now till the end of summer with the usual “stuff I saw” series. Also hoping to show some different types of film too.

Stuff I saw at Upper Padley

On Wednesday we went to upper padley, in the peak district. Rather than taking my usual hiking setup of a tripod and a pinhole camera, I took my gas stove instead for hot drinks. As a lightweight alternative I took my holga, my m2, and film.

I know the place well enough now, so at times I found myself shooting for shallow depth of field and getting close, something that I don’t normally do. I don’t normally shoot wider than f8 unless the subject calls for it, such as a portrait in a busy environment.

I’m not that happy with the images, but it was a nice walk with the leica.

Collapsed wall
Bark texture
Always a sucker for graffiti
Trees of surprise view
Mother cap
 Hays vs Mother cap 
Textures of mother cap
Bridge at padley
Hays and Majestic doggo
Tree at owler tor

I have yet to develop the film from the holga, if it comes out okay in development, I’ll share in a second part.

My forgotten rolls of colour film

Last night I tried c41 processing at home.  I found it to be much faff and less enjoyable than black and white processing, but this morning, after processing more rolls, I think I have the process down.

I have the BelliniFoto Monopart C41 Kit from nik & trick. It features a developer, a bleach, fixer and a stabiliser to wash with. The main differences from a black and white process are the temperatures, which are much higher at 38c, and with this kit there are no water washes.

My main reason for getting a c41 kit was to finally process old colour films and to try the process. I stopped mostly shooting colour film towards the end of 2014 and started experimenting with black and white films, so there are a few colour films hanging about waiting for development.

The following is a complete 120 roll of ektar that I exposed with a holga pinhole camera on a trip to kent, 2015.


The following are the best bits from 2 rolls of agfa vista (re-branded fuji stuff) spanning 2014-15, featuring two camping trips. I think they were shot with a contax 139q, and a Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.7.

It looks like a tumblr blog, is that still a thing?

zebra billy can
zebra billy can 2
standing about
lounging about
axe 2
tools 2

Currently burning more agfa vista 200 in my oly mju ii. I want to see what a freshly exposed pushed film will be like.

Bergger Pancro 400

This film is something special, a totally new film with two emulsion layers.

I am really impressed with the amount of detail it can hold in the shadows when underexposed, and how much detail it retains in the blown highlights. Scanning and processing was a little tricky, I always scan for neutral tiff files and then batch edit with a curve later on. The neutral scans were muddy in the shadows -its like the film retains details too well, and it took me awhile to sort out but I had to curve down the blacks a lot more than I normally would with HP5.

Speaking of hp5, the images are similar in tone but the grain is very different. Up close the grains are smaller and there seems to be more, probably because of the 2 layers.

I developed the film in my go-to HC110 at dilution B for 9 mins at 20c as recommended by Bergger in the data sheets (though, on the box there’s no HC110 data.) The film has to be fixed for a longer time than most films and it drys very straight with no curling.

The images were shot with my leica m2 at 400 iso and are a mixed bunch.

Three shades of silver
NEC Arena
Stranger on the stairs

The images have really nice tones but can I push the film to 1600 for some zone focusing street photography?

Photography show

I went to the photography show today with the art college. It was a little overwhelming, with lots to see, and yet nothing much of interest for me as I wasn’t interested in a new camera or lens.

I did however, get some film I’ve never shot before for cheap, with two rolls of pan-f and a roll of sfx200 for £11. That was from speed graphic.

I saw lok and warren from the old digital rev, and Lara Jade.

Also got to look at the new lomography instax camera, automat glass. I’m not a big fan of the company (the fact that they don’t produce film and just hoard and recycle it isn’t sustainable for the industry), but the availablity of a glass instax is a tempting one. Pitty it’s not wide format or have manual control.

Connor trying it out:

“Lets try this thing”
“Wait, theres no film inside”

Also spotted film at the Fuji stand except the boxes were emtpy, and they didn’t sell any. Go figure.