Stuff I saw at Ladybower reservoir & win hill

The reservoir from the dam
The dam
The reservoir from the side
The reservoir from the lake shore
Waters edge
Found; piled wood
Found; Bottle
Found; Flatcap
Sculpture at Heatherdene
Sculpture at Heatherdene 2
Raining whilst walking to win hill
River Derwent
Found; Tonic water
Climbing Win hill 1
Climbing Win hill 2
Climbing win hill 3
Parkin clough
The sheep that followed
The top
The very top
The actual top
View from the top looking towards mam tor
Heather at the top
Plantation on the way down
Trees blocking the path
One last picture from the dam

Shot with a xpro1 and a industar69 with a modified fujifilm black and white red profile.

Stuff I saw at Ladybower reservoir & win hill

Port of Newhaven, VHF Ch. 12

This zine is by Alexis Maryon, published by fistful of books. It features black and white photos over 60 pages, covering the south England port of Newhaven. Images range from social documentary, street photography, industry, and landscapes. 

The format of the zine is a landscape orientation, which I haven’t had before. It seems to work as the majority of the images are taken with a wide angle, so the landscapes are uncropped while the documarty styled portraits feature a lot of environment revealing the subjects surroundings.

The quality of the paper and printing is great for the money, for £11 with delivery it seems like a steal, and with only 120 editions, a keeper. 

Port of Newhaven, VHF Ch. 12

Stuff I saw with a Holga

Despite having no kitchen and limited bathroom, with bits of plaster hanging for dear life on the walls, I managed to develop some film this weekend.

This roll of hp5 is from the trusty holga. I had the holga laying in my bag for sometime, so I genuinely didn’t know what was on the roll of film. Places range from Lincolnshire to Nottinghamshire. It’s sorta like a practice for holga week.

College door
Double exposure of Lincoln
Angel cafe
A studio shot using a holga / flash experiment
Rowan tree
Wheat field
Field post
Hayley and her new friend
Wheat field / slight tram lines
ol’ tree
Stuff I saw with a Holga