Stuff I saw this December – Last roll of 2017 with a Diana

With the realisation that it is 2018 in 30 minutes or less, I realised I have not posted in a month here. A slippery slope. I have been busy rewriting proposals and reading for my dissertation rather than taking photos. However, I have learnt more about photography this semester than the two previous years combined.

Somewhere along the line I acquired an original Diana clone named Rover (probably after the car manufacture). This was used as a carry about camera. I have tried the lomography variants of the Diana, and I disliked them, something about them, to me, seems too forced -I like the pinhole feature though. With this “original” however, I was surprised when I saw the 4×4 negatives, they have the right amount of softness and the centre sharpness I like. Other than having the loudest wind-on that has people stop and stare in the street, it produces an interesting look.

Here are a few from the roll (ilford hp5 pushed a stop):

Woods 2
Night time photography with a toy camera, easy.
Steep Hill in the snow
Steep Hill in the snow 2
An exercise in minimalism.

Hopefully 2018 will mean adventures and more photography.

Stuff I saw this December – Last roll of 2017 with a Diana