Exhibition at Lincoln’s cathedral centre

This weekend I helped run my course final show, an exhibition showcasing finals and the best pieces from the other years. The event was tiring, but fun. The general public asked a lot of questions about my final major project with it having a technical focused story behind it. I also had the opportunity to talk to photographers, Andy Weekes and Peter Barton, both of whom were encouraging.

My finals

My four finals consist of digital prints forming a short series of images taken with handmade cameras. These handmade photographic tools were used to explore the landscape of the British countryside. Just as an artist may make their own brushes for a unique style, the images are distinctive and unconventional. A blog post about the project is underway, but its taking time with commitments. It should be posted soon now that the course is finished.

Views of the cathedral from the centre
Tiny poster on the A board doing its thing
The result of taking pictures to pass the time

After this morning, helping to disassemble the exhibition and saying bye to people on the course, I’m looking forward to pushing my photography and future opportunities.

Exhibition at Lincoln’s cathedral centre

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