Photography show

I went to the photography show today with the art college. It was a little overwhelming, with lots to see, and yet nothing much of interest for me as I wasn’t interested in a new camera or lens.

I did however, get some film I’ve never shot before for cheap, with two rolls of pan-f and a roll of sfx200 for £11. That was from speed graphic.

I saw lok and warren from the old digital rev, and Lara Jade.

Also got to look at the new lomography instax camera, automat glass. I’m not a big fan of the company (the fact that they don’t produce film and just hoard and recycle it isn’t sustainable for the industry), but the availablity of a glass instax is a tempting one. Pitty it’s not wide format or have manual control.

Connor trying it out:

“Lets try this thing”
“Wait, theres no film inside”

Also spotted film at the Fuji stand except the boxes were emtpy, and they didn’t sell any. Go figure.


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