35mm film in a Holga

This is the first time I’ve ever ran 35mm through a medium format camera shooting for sprockets. I want to see if the wide, slightly panoramic, frames are worth it by burning 35mm through the holga. If so, I might use it for my project.

Here is my ghetto setup involving foam packaging and rubber bands:

Foam packaging peanuts jammed around a 35mm canister and a 120 spool fitted with 2 elastic bands

The results show a lot of messed up compositions where I should have had the camera either lower or more to the left. Its hard to judge what will be in frame or not. The images I took are around Lincoln.


Lincoln cathedral
Ruddocks of lincoln
Corporation Street
Wordsworth street

I don’t think I will do it again, it was fun but the whole point of shooting the holga is that its a lightweight portable camera with the benefit of medium format. Its also hard to judge what will be in frame. I also wasted some film by winding on too much. I originally judged that 2 rotations of the winder were enough, but this turned out to be too much, I probably should have done 1 and a half turns.

35mm film in a Holga

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