Some course work shots

I have been trying to catch up with my FMP work. Despite the stress, it’s getting there. I am currently in the process of material research, pushing film various stops and comparing them, and shooting both fuji film and digital fuji xpro1 for comparison. The similarities to the xpro1 black and white in-camera preset and the real acros film are very close despite the lack of grain and flatter contrast in the digital version.

With my leica m2 + a roll of fuji acros, I have been trying to find locations to continue a documentary on my town as well as use the time in Lincoln to shoot. I do like the film, especially for pinhole images, but its too slow. At the 100 ISO box speed for a winters day I struggled to find enough light with adequate depth of field and shot most of the graffiti images at 1/30th handheld. I much prefer HP5 at 1600.

Also, I wish I bought my m2 years ago. Without much thought, I picked it up and started using it straight away as these images show.

Your typical Lincoln snapshot
Trying the m2 at street photography
Makushi I
Makushi II
Flour mill & pole
Graffiti I
Graffiti II
Graffiti III & EU
Old council building


Some course work shots

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