Pinholes from Kinder scout

Yesterday, a few of us and a dog hiked a circle up and round kinder scout. The reality so subtle 6×17 weighed heavy in my backpack alongside a tripod and my packed lunch, but it was worth it for the images.

These 4 images make up an entire roll of medium format, Fuji acros 100. Because of the small number of images made per roll, setup time, exposure and developing, it’s taking a long time to make a series for my portfolio.

small copy-0001 Stone in mist

small copy-0004
Waterfall near crowden clough
small copy-0006
View from the clough
small copy-0007
Stream at Jacobs ladder

I also took my mju ii, and will make another post with those images when I get round to developing them.

Pinholes from Kinder scout

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