Stuff I saw – Clumber park with a Holga

Last night I ran a roll through the holga again. I scratched the shit out of the film somehow -maybe it was done in camera. I also had trouble spooling the film again, so the cupboard became the bastard-film-out-of-a-holga-and-onto-reels cupboard, once again fighting for space with shopping bags and the hoover.

I experimented with the built in flash. This holga seems to reflect the flash inside somewhere, kinda annoying, probably won’t use it much now. Having batteries in the camera really weighs down the plastic camera too.

I tried shots of the local wildlife, and double exposures of reflections in the water with some success. My favourite though is probably the church spire and tree with scratches either corner -which looks intentional. The waterfall is good too, though I’m still looking for a cable release adapter, which seem to have disappeared from the internet, so I can stick an nd filter on.

Stuff I saw – Clumber park with a Holga

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